Monday, 10 January 2011

It's Snow Joke - part II

Ok, the Bicarb works... kind of. I'm now having issues with my board colouring the stuff and I think its reacting as well because its not drying! It was orgianlly made with topsoil and PVA. It also has dried herbs and things on it....

So what I have decided to do is seal my boards with a big pot of PVA.... I hope this works!!

Im hoping to get all the boards done and scenery done this week. Then I can move onto making this into a snowy outpost. To do...

Fortress of Redemption
2x Bastions and all the gubbins that come with
Landing pad
Scratchbuild underground bunker entrances
Scratchbuild movable walls
Scratchbuild gate
Oh and... the big one that I have had for a few years now - PHAETON PATTERN SUB COMPLEX DELTA

So lots to get through, I am glad I have a new airbrush to help get through this! I may do a small 1K snow themed infantry based IG force, nothing fancy, just something to look good with the board!

Edit - Ahh damn I published this without any pics! (was supposed to press preview not post!) I was going to take some pics and post it later!! Sorry...


  1. It will be a damn fine gaming table once complete Mart, with all the goodies your going to put on it. I see your test for your snow has turned yellow, cant you use the Air brush to paint it white?
    Or are you going to add a little white to the mix before applying?

  2. I could, I shouldnt need to once I have PVA'ed it... thats what Im hoping for anyway!