Sunday, 13 January 2013

Test Model Complete


Well I have completed my first model, I have messed and messed with this model, it may not look like it, but i have. Basically working out how to do the armour quickly, getting the base right etc etc. And because I have been looking at Mk6 armour alot I got the shoulder pads the wrong way round... Anyway, this guy isnt going to make the cut, but I have learnt alot and gone over stuff I have done in the past so Im pretty pleased as an army of black power armour is going to look cool - may not be top standard, but black is cool.

Apologies for the pic, its crap weather and really dark. Basically, what I will take away from this model is this:

Thin white more and more coats
Put the shoulder badges on the right way round!
Less grass
Tidier weathering on the white

(Please feel free to add more...)

Not quite got the glow right on the jump pack, I might drop that...

Also good news, FW delivered a pristine Korvydae...


And theres more... beaky rines, the raven guard uprade pack, sternguard weaponsx2 and MKIV armour. Looking forward to biulding all this:

thanks for looking!


  1. I think he's looking good. Why do t you strip him with some fairy power spray?

    Also a top tip I've discovered along the way is to not paint black... Black.

    By painting it black, you've no chance of creating contrast. By painting it dark grey or very dark blue you can add shading and bring the highlights up a a but easier.

    Also with white, paint it a light grey first, like the old foundation astronomican grey. 

  2. Looks alright bud. But Krom has some good points. Especially with the white. Base it with grey first.
    Look forward to a full squad of the blighters. What you painting first for the first few months?

  3. cheers, first - i need to build all the tacs and Sternguard as im mixing parts and that, but I reckon my tac squad first...

    lol, I actually did paint grey first on the white, its just i needed to thin the white more than I did, I used vallejo white primer, so it might be that as well. I usually do paint black in such a way usually with grey, but actaully the one thing about black is that it doesent contrast, so i have gone for black with a subtle highlight as it will mean i can get these guys done.

  4. Finally, Corvydae! And yes, black is the new black.....

  5. Hey,

    Looking good.

    I will agree with everyone else regarding the colour scheme - i.e. that it looks cool, get used to using grey and lots of thin coats of white. I had a large templar army and always found it difficult to bring contrast into the model or to do highlights. I could generally overcome this on the infantry but I found that tanks generally always used to come out really boring even with extreme highlights. You may want to think about doing something to stop any tanks just being black boxes.

  6. Alright fella! Long time no see!

    I completely agree about the tanks and the way around it I thought was to basically avoid them and not have any!

    If I have flyers I can make some wing designs etc which will hopefully break up the black blocks. This for me is a functional army thats reasonble easy to maintain add to and still looks good so if I miss a bit of wow factor Im not to worried.

    I think I will go back to the way I used to paint black which is basically to wash grey tone with black wash.. will see how that goes.


  7. Looks good to me, I like the base too.