Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I got a miscast Forge World Korvydae!

Im really gutted look what came in the post:

I rang them up about the jump pack, but I hadnt quite realised how bad the main bit was. I will show them these pics and hopefully get a decent one sent.


  1. That sucks big time, hope you get a replacement.

  2. That sucks. Not often you see this bad of a miscast from FW.

    From reading about other situations like this they are usually good at replacing it if you can show them proof, this would obviously can.
    Which is good.

    Not sure what level of QC they have though, as a simple visual inspection would instantly see this is flawed.

  3. Although this is a poor cast and shouldnt have been sent out, I have to say I showed them these pictures and they were horrified and are replacing it, not only that the guy I talked to is checking the cast first and then sending it UPS.

    Great Customer service.

  4. Wow finecast all is forgiven! that is horrendous, Good to see ForgeWorld rectifying it like professionals though. I am the last person to praise GW and their sister company but their customer service is one of the best I've dealt with.

    1. No Shane! Never forgive finecast!

  5. Yeah Forge World are great at the Customer service thing.
    I was once sent something by mistake, inside my box was something addressed to another customer lol. When I rang up and informed them of the error they asked what I wanted?
    What I wanted? I replied.
    Yes, for being honest, I could select whatever I wanted lol, I didnt want to take the piss so went for the imperial armour book a SM book. It was worth £50 at the time they didnt even batter an eyelid. I recieved it three days later with a thank you note.
    Got to hand it to them, they didnt really have to do that.

    Just makes my wonder what I could have got away with, maybe a Titan? if I have taken the piss completely.

  6. I still havent bought any Finecast! It will come at some point Im sure.

    @Skal, man, you should have asked tho!! Lmao