Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Power of the Web!! A big Thank You!!


Im blogging  with the biggest, dirtiest hangover I have had for a long time (work do!) but aside from that Im making the extra effort to make a MASSIVE thank you to Neil, someone I have never met but made time and generously sent me the Raven Guard transfers. TBH its stuff like this that makes you glad to have a hobby like this. Been chatting over the email and yeah, another warhammer mate! Awesome.

This is link to his blog.

Despite my delicate predicament I might crack out the paints this aft.


  1. Good to see Neil helping you out m8, hope you managed to get through the day despite your self inflicted condition.
    Now lets see some painting pic's

  2. pushed through the worst of it, just tired now. Man I have got old, it has beaten me I will admit it. (Hare of the dog works btw)

  3. Yeah I know m8, happens to us all.
    After a heavy night I always make sure I have a fat boyz scran (Full english breakfast) the next day then a walk in the cold fresh air. If I still feel like shit I go back to bed, but if I feel alittle better I crack open a can of beer. I tend to start getting better again after the 3rd one 8)
    Most of the time its a 48 hr recovery tho.

  4. It's stories like this and people like Neil that make the wargaming community a wonderful thing to be part of. Now get posting pics of painted Raven Guard.

  5. hahaha, im on it tonight, got kids stuff to do today!!

    Yeah the 48 hour period is a given nowadays!! Feel a lot better today, just a touch of hangover...