Sunday, 9 December 2012

Vanilla Blood Angels for Raven Guard!

This is the list I think I like, please feel free to comment, its main aim is speed.

Jump Pack                               155

Ass Marines (10)
Power fist                                 220

Tac Rines (10)
Melta Gun
Plasma Cannon
Power Weapon
Drop Pod                                 230

Sternguard Vets (8)
Combi Melt
Combi flamer
Combi Plas
Power Weapon
Drop Pod                                 265

Scout Snipers (8)
Sniper Rifles
Heavy Bolter
8 Camo cloaks                         148

Land Speeder Squad (3)           150

Land Speeder Squad (3)          150

Land Speeder Squad (3)
x 3 Multi Meltas                         180

                                                                  Total 1498

I really like this list I think its fluffy and really hard hitting. All those deep striking units should be a real hand full I think. Land Speeders are annoying in ones so 9 should really be annoying. 

The tac and Stern are my central attack, the rest is there to support them or help them deploy safely, which ever comes first. I can spread the Multi Meltas out one in each squad if I fancy as well.


This list, again uses the BA dex and was made by Tim link

I like it, the LS are less in number but harder hitting:


8 Sternguard
3 combis, serg with power weapon

10 tacs,
Plasma gun, Heavy Bolter, serg with power weapon

8 scouts, snipers and cloaks

10 assault marines, flamer, serg with power weapon

2 speeders, 2 typhoon missiles, 2 MM's
2 speeders, 1 AC, 1 HF
2 speeders, 1 AC, 1 HF


  1. This looks to be an interesting list. Have you considered a Librarian rather than a Captain as your HQ choice?
    The Libby is such a force multiplier for your units that I think far outweighs the Captain's combat capabilities. The fact that Blood Angel Captains do not have the choice to take Artificer armor for that 2-up save leaves a lot to be desired.

    If you did take the Libby instead of a Captain, you could either skip the jump pack and make him an Epistolary (which is awesome when choosing divination powers out of the book), or take the jump pack and spread the left over 25 points around your Sgts (Melta Bombs, combi-weapons, etc).

    Food for thought- good luck!

  2. your absolutely right!

    But Im taking Cap Korvydae, so the list is built around him, which is why I took the BA dex.In IA 8 you can see his kind of set up which is what Im working on.I almost want to take a hit on hq plainly because Im using the Ba dex and I think with all those cool hq choices I wont look like to much of a cheese turd. You raise a good point about Melta bombs, I am kind of thinking if I drop the odd body making units 9 instead of 10 I could drop them in. I have a new list to post (thanks Tim!) that is a little more hard hitting and any more crit is more than welcome.

  3. I like it, particularly the land speeder spam - they're underrated imo.

    Only thing I would say is on the sternguard make them 4/5 combi flamer or 4/5 combi plasma. 5 flamer templates can easily take out almost any squad in one round of shooting, or plasma would really help out against other marines.

  4. Good to see Tim still making your army lists ;)