Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Spacin Joints!


Right I finally started these pappies. I built one and to be honest I was a little disappointed. I think SM have got a little dated looking, not very dynamic and kind of squashed. I searched the web and found that by adding a little GS to the joints including the head totally changes the look of the model - basically, spaces things out a little. I think it looks more dynamic and like the the 'rine has full range of motion. Its more obv in the flesh, and now I have this one out of the way I will make more exciting poses.

Still needs a lot of tidying mold line wise etc

 Oh and my Microsol finally arrived, should help with the application of those awesome transfers.


  1. You really have a point about marines looking dated. I'd not noticed until I read that. Hopefully your mad modelling skills will improve them. Get that paint splashing!! ;)

  2. If your going to be doing some GS work on these (Even if it's just spacing) I would recommend a few things.

    Firstly do the spacing with small squares or discs of plasticard stacked up if needed. That way you can still get poly cement joins.

    Secondly, the GS needs some serious tidying. Spend the cash and get the GW tool, a small (black - firm or extra firm) chisel clay shaper and a stick of chap stick. Also GS does require patience as it's a lot easier to work after it's cured for about 30 mins.

    The arm joints are going to reuire adding the piping effect to them. Check this link on from the warp http://fromthewarp.blogspot.co.uk/2009/12/modifying-space-marine-arm-positions.html

    Also there is a slightly messy looking bit poking out from under his belt - that can probably be tidied up with a knife.

    Apart from the criticism the model certainly looks much better with the spacing! Are you going to shove a rod or two up some of these guys arses?

  3. TBH, I have pinned it so will be fine. It does loolike the GS is sticking out of the belly, but its not, the photo is pretty hi res. I'm not really truscaling these so I dont need to plasticard etc. The piping is something I will need to practice though, but really all im doing is this to de squash them.


    Thats not my work btw.

  4. Looking good, bit of tidying up and all will be well.
    I have never done it with mine as didn't come across it until about 60% of my marines were already built, but it also adds height to the model. Making them look as tall as they need to against the human models such as IG.

  5. Nice to see you back in the hobby Matt. Good choice for an army the Raven Guard. I will be popping in from time to time :).

  6. Jolly good! Glad to see your back as well!I shall also be watching your awesome projects!

    I have got rid of the mold lines (I dont know if I got a duff box, but I have never had so many to tidy) made a base and its ready to paint which I will be dabbling in tomorrow.