Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Another guy done...


I have built my first FW Mk6 guy. These models are awesome the detail is really crisp and the proportions on the legs etc are slightly skinnier but in much better proportion. Im not sure you can really tell the difference here, but tbh it was just a better experience painting and building and as im not buying stuff on mass anymore I may invest in some more armour variants at a later date. Pics

PS apologies for the lined paper its all I had as a background to hand! (Pod could you print me off one of those swanky A3 blue grad back grounds?)


  1. Really like that. Would you mind letting me know how your doing the bases? They look really cool so would love to get some tips!

  2. NP, they are really easy.

    1st off, dont glue your model to the base. Then its a bit of cork tile ripped to size and super glued to the base. I then roughen up the cork with some nippers so it doesent have flat top. Then I get the model and look for a good position on the base. Then use your drill (i use the GW one) and drill a hole in the foot and then drill into the base. Glue a pin in the hole in the base (I use floristry wire.) Still dont glue the model on yet that happens when the base is painted and the model.

    Then go round with some pva and sand on lower areas and on exposed base areas.

    That all sounds WAY more complicated than it is!

    Paint (I use Vallejo but GW paints will have the equiv so I'll just name the colours.)

    On the sand I paint Khaki
    On the cork rock I paint dark brown
    was the sand with brown ink/wash
    Dry brush sand with bone
    dry brush the cork with khaki and the very lightly with bone
    then pick out sharp with a light dry brush of white.

    Paint you model on a bottle of wine cork that you have stuck a pin in with some blu tac then glue in place once all has been done.

    Then drybrush pigment on the feet i used Migg rubble Theres loads of makes just match the colour..

    Hope that dosent put you off cos it really aint hard...