Monday, 22 November 2010

Pics from ToS and my opinion....

Sorry for the lack of updates, I was busy finishing my army for ToS which was this weekend. I'll start by saying I had a great time and I faced some cool opponents. But there were a couple of things I wasent happy about which I will explain after the pics!

Gaming wise I was a fail, but not all is lost as Im going to tweak the list and get rid of the shokk attack and add another Bigmek FFS. I shall be converting one tonight.

I ended up playing 4 DoW games which is horrible for my slow list and I need to be able to unbunch my stuff a bit so I can move up the table faster. The other Big Mek should sort this.

My stuff...

My bros stuff.. his blog here

And my good friend Tim Davis (sorry for lack of pics - they all came out wobbly!) His blog here..

As for the tourny, I did enjoy myself. The few things I would change are the random missions. I got four DoW which kind of spoilt my gaming a bit as it really hurts my list. The next thing is the best opponent. Either score every opponent with a good and allow one very good score per player. If you were up against an A hole then score them with nothing. Otherwise go back to VPs, as only being allowed to score one opponent is not fair on the final score. The organisation needs to be better, they got the wrong result of the winner, ran out of ink for the printer for the certificates (they did that at heat 2 last year as well!).

But as I say I had a great weekend as it was at Warhammer World and some really good games.!


  1. shame about the rough luck on deployment - can't wait to use these guys!

  2. yeah we should start thinking up a list actually.

    The DoW was annoying I have to say!

  3. I heard it was all a bit random this year and organised totally different to the old GT style tournament. And no donuts on the Saturday morning...