Thursday, 28 October 2010

Dred - "DONE" (ToS getting closer!! aaaah!!!)

Finished this bad boy last night at about 11.30pm. Pics not doing it justice as theres a nice amount of pigment on the legs, but because of the odd position its really hard to light this thing!


  1. Very nice! The checkers are a great touch and I love your weathered metal technique. Care to share how you did it?

  2. Thanks, Im not happy with the pics at all, they are making it look really flat! which I dont think it is in the flesh - imo... :(

    But... for the red metal I basecoat in Mecrite Red and basically spounge on Boltgun metal with blister pack spounge, or i have off cut spounge from carry case foam. Then its a case of washing in badaab black and then a light Dry brush of boltgun metal to pick out the detail.This is the one time you are okay to get oily marks from badaab black - let it pool in places, the drybrush of boltgun brings it together.

    Things like the fuel barrel, I paint Tin Bitz first then spounge on some skullwhite flecks (you can use different colours- check shokk attack gun body) wash with dev mud. then spounge on some more flecks when thats dry and wash in dev mud again... then a very light Drybrush of bolt gun to give a lift.

    For pistons I paint Bolt gun, then build up with Mithril mix (I never get to a 100% mithril as that would be to bright) Then add some oily marks with old skool brown ink... thats a really handy wash, but appently Valejjo brown ink is pretty much the same.

    In fact Im finding the old brown ink really handy for painting metalics.

    That was wordy sorry! lol

  3. Pictures never do the models justice, trust me on this. I have tried everything.

    Thanks for sharing the technique, I think I am going to try out something similar on my Mega Dread.

  4. uuh yeah, tinbitz works well with yellow, try spounging that as well!

  5. how is progress going? what is left to do?

  6. 12 Lootas...

    Undercoated them this lunch - should have two finished tonight! Working my way through the Sharpe box set while I paint - I hope I dont run out!

  7. 10 days left, whats to do?

  8. just can't get over how good your ork stuff really is, especially the vehicles.

    cracking stuff me ol' china

  9. Thanks! TBH im looking at my early stuff like the boyz and wish I 'd spent a bit more time on them. But I can spend more time on my next army.

    As for the Lootas... its slow progress, but should have some pics by the end of the week or early next....