Sunday, 17 October 2010

I HAD A GAME... and drew :(


Well despite the result .. I had a cracking game against Drax (Mark). We decided to go for my worst senario DoW and Seize ground with 5 objectives. We just decided to do it as I had a KP game and Pitched Battle last time which favoured me. I need hard practice for ToS and requested to do this.

The game was pretty even. I picked the wrong side as I wanted optimum position for my shiney new Lootas - but in doing that I skupperd my Kan deployent!!

Long story short I was beat really and should have lost - not because I played badly, but because I didnt think out my deployemnt properly. Drax is a good player and although he suffered a lot of bad luck (my Shokk attack gun took out Belial and his DS termie squad in one as I rolled a double 6 on strength and a hit on the scatter for one example!) the game was really tense.

So a draw but a clinging draw from my part.

Our ref ;)

Nice shot... sorry for unpainted dred which ruins it.... Notice the two Vindies in the background I hate them. As Drax deployed them separatley it split my army. I HATE vindies.

 My horrible deployment... See that rocky thing? Well I thought thats great for the Lootas. Very bad to deploy my kans as a big cover saved form my mek - thing. Bah

And my Lootas sucked. They rolled ones on the D3 ALOT. - but I see how they could be good...


  1. That table looks fantastic, really realistic!
    A draw is not a loss, and yet there are things to be learnt no?
    Captain Khorne

  2. Its not a loss no, but a draw when you play orks is not a pleasant result. If I lost - which I should have had it not been for that cool roll on the shokk attack gun (rough with smooth - I have had some hideous rolls in the past that have lost me games!)

    I dont know - Im not that competitive really but to me id rather lose or win than draw?


  3. Well I put a draw in the lose category anyway... No prizes for joint second.

    So long as a lesson is there to be learnt.

  4. The lesson is I need to make sure if I pick sides for deployment that I pick the side with the most room to get all my Kanz and boyz in. I need to practice more DoW as well as it really is hard to get right with my list.

  5. you also need to commit to an action and stick with it - you kept changing directions with at least one of your squads which meant you lost a whole turn or two that could have got you in to combat and away from the vindicator shots

  6. Your right, BUT, what caused that was I was covering Belial not expecting my Shokk attack gun to take him and his squad clean out!

    To be fair - you placed the Vindies perfectly you stopped alot of covering fire being aimed at your troops from the Lootas and shokk attack gun and stopped me from making a full strenght attack on the objectives.