Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My First Whine About GW Prices - Sorry

I am normally someone who cant stick whinging forums about people moaning about prices and how GW should run there company. I say if you cant afford something tough, buy what you can and enjoy that.

Having said that I was looking over the website the other evening as I had aspiring ideas to extend my Ork army into different clans. I don't know at what point I hadn't noticed where things have got so expensive... £23 for 3 warbikers? WTF that's £7.60 a bike!!!! I can afford it - but I feel its asking to much.

I am sorry to moan but I think they are taking the piss. I am normally someone who will buy an army in bulk maybe at a discount store, but I think that now they have broken the £20 mark on a lot of stuff, it makes little difference as even at discount stores its turning into something that's not really saving - its still buying something over priced.

I am not a tight money counting person in the slightest and am happy to spend money, which is what bothers me. If I'm bothered, then the stuff IS overpriced.

It is expensive always has been - but for me I'm out from buying new GW armies. I have enough stuff to keep me going for the next year painting wise and I will attend the tournies as I love it. But seriously I think I'm going to be looking for alternatives when I have painted all my stuff. Which I'm not that bothered about,  I just think its a shame.

Rant over.

Back on topic, My shokk Attack Gun Big Mek is nearly done... pictures soon!


  1. If you really want to moan about prices, move to Australia. We pay close to DOUBLE what you guys across the pond do, have a look on our site and do the conversions to see what I mean. Its often cheaper for me to get stuff shipped here from the UK, than to go down to the local GW and pick it up. Thats before you even look at places like maelstrom. There is something seriously wrong with the pricing in our neck of the woods.

    (I Post as Capn Stoogey on Bols etc, sorry, I dont have an account that will let me post here)

  2. Wow, I honestly don't know how you guys do it! lol

    Why cant they do big bundle deals at least. I know the excuse would be people split them up and sell them on the bay, but soooo? at least people are buying there stuff.

    There free delivery was clever for us in the UK as it ends up not that much cheaper to go to a discount.

  3. know what you mean matey...when i finally noticed that a box of 10 marines was £22.50 i was like WTF!?! now the only way to get more stuff without paying totally throught the nose is to get the battleforce box sets, which haven't changed price and therefore have an even bigger saving built in...that's assuming you actually want all the stuff you get in there...maybe ebay for the rest?