Wednesday, 29 December 2010

My christmas haul.... and the return of my mojo!

Ok, sorry for the lack of updates, but I have been busy with stuff and since ToS I havent been able to muster up the will power to paint or do anything hobby related really.

But that is about to change, I have got some cool stuff for chrimbo with lots of variety so should keep me interested for a while:

First up though is going to be IoB as my bro is coming round tomorrow and we are going to fiddle the rules out. The set is really nice and the plastics are stunning - cant wait to get it glued up!

Also Im going to be re-doing my board. I want full bore snow and I will be adapting my terrain with that in mind and also building all the cool stuff I have picked up over the years. So 2011 should be a good year for projects for me!


  1. That's a useful looking battle foam :) wonder who got it for you!

  2. Someone did well!

    I suppose i'd best go and pick my own copy of IoB up so you can add some more skaven!

  3. Actually, I think I may want to do the HE! Also I think I want to keep the two sides for now so I can do small games... I will swap my stuff at some point anyway so dont rush and get it....

  4. What a lovely range, great christmas all around. Ill be looking forward to seeing the snow board, its one of those styles that many people say they will do but often dont get round too (Im sure I planned one at some point or other).

  5. Im not talking about the snow board...! ;) Its giving me a lot of grief at the mo!! Yeah we all did wel this year! I think I have enough stuff to last me 2 years!