Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Infinity the Game! Zerat Hacker... you guessed it... DONE


Next out of the workshop ;) is my Zerat Hacker, apologies for the small photo. Im going to re-take some pictures for the gallery section at some point with a better camera.

I had a real struggle painting this one, couldnt get the hair right (im still not sure it is). I tried to keep it cartoony as it was looking to dirty as i had it originally.

Now this is exciting (although my gaming mates seem to think its a hairdressers/beauticians box!) I got this FISHING TACKLE box to keep the many counters in order with enough room to carry more than 300 pts force... This is another great thing about the game, not having to lug around so much stuff!!

Im having a game tonight I will post a bat rep tomorrow!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Nice manbag sweet cheeks!

    1. I love your ability to TOTALLY ignore the fact its a FISHING TACKLE box!!! I shall have the last laugh mark my words!