Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Everyone should have a nerdy indoor hobby!


As the title suggest, I have had some bad news regarding my health, I have got a blood clot in my leg (Deep vein thrombosis). Now I am an active kind of guy, my other hobby is cycling and I like working decent average speeds around 20mph depending on if Im in a group and amount of altitude. What I  thought was a torn muscle has turned out much worse and I will be reduced not doing very much over the next few months.. Now the point of the post isn't a cry for help or attention, but pointing out that actually having a hobby I love that involves sitting on your arse whilst watching crap on tele (currently watching Appleseed as it's very Infinity looking!) is actually very helpful. If I didn't have it I would be very disgruntled and frustrated, and would probably be watching Jeremy Kyle or some home investment crappy programme. Now yes I'm still devastated I'm not doing the things I wanted on my bike this year, my mind is still occupied with stuff I like... 

My yaogets done.....!

On with the Daturazis now!!

Will take better pics in a couple of weeks...

Thanks for looking!

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