Friday, 30 May 2014

More Painted Stuff! Oznat, Engineers - DONE!


My painting mojo has burst a pipe and I just cant get enough! I'm now really enjoying painting the Infinity miniatures. They do provide a challenge as the scale is actually different to GW 28mm. All the details are really fine, small and twiddly. It can actually be off putting, but once you get your eye in its fine.

The other problem is my Ipad seems unable to take a decent picture of my models (I think because of the size of them). I don't want to blow my own trumpet (although I will!),  these genuinely look MILES better in the flesh. I say this because they don't look like my best painted models compared to other pics. But in the flesh I'm pretty god damn pleased with them!

Oznat (in game she controls aggressive Genestealer type monsters - called Hungries)

Engineers (fix stuff, disarm mines and blow stuff up!)
(Not pleased with these pics in the slightest, you'll just have to take my word they look better in the flesh!)

Next up will be a Zerat hacker, they kind of work like wizards or psykers in game, only they carry devices that can hack in to all sorts of things and do cool stuff. You have Hacker Vs Hacker battles all sorts. THIS GAME IS COOL!!! I cant emphasis it enough. I am now a Fan boi!

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