Friday, 9 July 2010

Interior done... I wanted to represent the piratical feel of the army... let me know if you think I went to far...

Loads of work to do on the body work, Im a little concerned its looking terracotta, I may give a thinned was of baal red...

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  1. Thats very very good indeed :)

  2. Cheers fellas

    I have given it a wash in baal red now, its richer.. Detail work and spounging tomorrow...

  3. Looks good. Disappointed you went with the baal red before doing any weathering as what you have on the exterior looks great. Anychance of a photo update?

  4. Its better with the wash, I hadnt highlighted that either in that state so it would have appeared more orangy.

    Done some more work on it last night, but I'll post finished next whixh should bethis week sometime.