Monday, 28 June 2010


I have finally done it! My own blog!!!

let me tell you a bit about myself. Im 32 years old and have been in the hobby since about '91. I did take a long break from about 97 - 07 and came back at the end of 4th. I loved how the system had been simplified from the old days of 2nd. I really love how the game flows in 5th.

I spend most of my time in my attic painting and procrastinating. What with everybody being old and everyone having lives its hard to get together and have gaming sessions. So we all tend to go to two or three tournies in the year. Which is great although we dont really place that well!

Armies I am currently working on is a Splinter pirate World Eater force and a blood crusher Chaos Daemon list.

I need to get the CSM done for the middle of November for ToS tourny at Warhammer World so I made this blog to help me!

I have been using Orks up until now, and although the are not finished (they never will be!!!) I have a few list variants - im going to make a kan list as all i need is another big mek and a pack of kanz.

Please feel free to browse the other pages to see my work. You can catch up to see where I am with stuff and then keep me inline with my deadlines!

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  1. Welcome to the Blogosphere and FTW :)

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work, it all looks very very nice.