Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I moved, I have actually moved at last!!!!

A three month saga of decorating, putting the house on the market, the house selling on the first viewing not even being a day on the market, surveyor reports and finally the icing on the cake... my boiler breaking down a week before the move costing me a cool £1300 to get a new one installed!

Plenty of alcohol and sleepless nights and Im finally here...


I am yet to fully unpack my hobby gear and I have a few jobs to do over the next couple of months, so my blog may be still a bit slow until then.

After the last GW price increase I have decided to cease buying GW systems, so I'm going to focus on getting the armies I have painted, Daemons first then my CSM. Also I am planning an emo Escher gang and also building a small Warmachine Cryz force. I have the starter and the big metal warcaster guy that looks like an utter beatch to put together.

But here's to more gaming and more blogging!! (well soon at least!)


  1. Good effort sir I hope you shall be happy.

  2. Nice one mate.
    I look forward to seeing updates on your painted minis.

  3. Glad the move is out of the way for you!
    I see you are taking a similar stance on GW as most, fair play.
    Look forward to seeing what you have so far painted and on the table top.

  4. Glad to hear you'll be back in our loving arms soon ;)

  5. congratulations mate - now youve got your house sorted you can get on with the really life changing stuff and start playing warmachine!

  6. Thanks for the comments guys, I have a couple of weeks of DIY'ery and Im totally back... WM is a big motivation for this year, even tho I havent read the rules or played the thing... I know im going to love it. Plus an Everblight Hordes force is on the cards... tho i am stone broke after the move.

  7. For some reason I didnt seem to get this update so apologies on the lateness, but grats on the move m8. Always a stressful thing to do moving house (I hate moving), hope the decorating/ DIY'ing (I hate doing this as well) goes well.
    See ya at the club soon.

  8. DIY is sent from the pits of hell to torment our souls....