Thursday, 2 June 2011

Where I'm at and App Game Wooo!

Just to let you know Im still here and I will be picking up the hobby again soon with my daemons. The club Hulls Angels is running a campaign based on the tale of X gamers where you build paint and play starting at 500pts building up to 1750. The first 500pts need to be ready by the 21st of July... Im really excited about it and should be a great way to get my stuff done. Im esp looking forward to painting this:

I think Im going to start with the FW herald as my HQ in the 500pts and take as many bloodletters as pos with a couple of BC... see how I get on. I think they wont be to competitive until 1K mark we shall see!

Also - remember the name a game topic, well, the game is up and running so thanks for everyone who voted on a name! check it out!


  1. Good luck with your Daemons.
    The game looks awesome.

  2. I'm gunna get the game, just to see how it turned out. *thumbs up*

    And that model looks awesome.