Monday, 6 June 2011

I need a colour scheme!


I have ordered the remaining Bloodcrushers I need to complete about 2K Khorne Daemons. I have decided that this is eventually going to be my tourny army Im going to use for some years to come.

Hulls Angels (my local club) are running a "Tale of the X Gamers" combined with a campaign. The idea you start off with 500pts and build up to 1750 in 250 installments. Great idea imo, I really want to get on board and get this army nailed. 

You can find my list here "click"  its a pretty hard hitting army, short on troop choice, but I have enough stuff to alter the list as I please... maybe add a bloodthirster - drop skulltaker, or drop a soul grinder etc etc.

My problem is why I have never really painted this army is I have never sat happy with a scheme. I dont want devil red skin, it looks to unrealistic imo, I know these are daemons, but I still want them to look like could be real...

Please be aware these are unfinished test pieces and in no way the finished article....

This is my fave.... need to lessen the blood and make it more "clotted"....

Next up are two variations on red. I have maybe gone to subtle and dark... actually I dont know, what I like the best tbh...

If you have any pointers or ideas I would be very grateful, nearly finished my gardening at the new house so will be getting on with these soon, if I could get 500pts done by the 21st July great, but i think im going to have to join this late and do 750pts by August. Will post my 500pt list tonight. I may have to make it so it has a low model count...

OH and I was tempted to get a Finecast Skulltaker to place on the chariot and use the metal one as a normal Skulltaker... but £15 GW? Seriously WTF??? more like Finecost not fine cast!


  1. Glad to see you back in action sir! you've been missed on the wargaming circuit!

    I'm with you in regards to the demon preference. I really like the "natural" coloured one, thought the blood is a little overpowering.

    If I had to choose between the other two I think the darker one is more to my liking.

  2. You thought about mixing the first one (white) and the middle one (orange) in to one. I think that may look pretty nice.

    I worry about facing your force in the campaign. Sounds scary.

  3. Mart,

    At the end of the day its upto you bud (you have to play with the Army). I'm with you & Shane on the first (pic) one.
    Tho how Shane knows what a natural looking Bloodletter looks like really makes me wonder what he does in his spare time (Worshipping Khorne perhaps?)
    Yet again your painting skills come to the fore and if you go for the first colour scheme you will def have a one in a million army, as most of Khorne's warriors are painted blood red.

    Cant wait to see the finished product and play it too.

  4. Thanks guys, I dont think I was happy with any of those schemes so I went back to the codex, read some fluff and and looked at the pictures. I think they need to be red. I dont want them to be to dark so they dont stand out. Im going for brightish red on there front with a blended black back and bone/white pimples washed down with some glowing eyes... not sure on the sword yet though, may go for a traditional firey glow or I may go greeny glow to go with the eyes...

    Looking at the point values, if I can get a week off before the 21st I think I could get the 500pts done as it consists 20 Bloodletters and a Herald... again thanks its just good to bounce some ideas to get to the place you want to sometimes.

  5. do the first one, look so much better then the others.

    alternatively, you could alsways do it YELLOW!!!!