Wednesday, 29 June 2011

My First Warmachine Paint job! WOOOYA


Really pleased with this, straight forward to paint.

And I learnt something - I HATE BATCH PAINTING

Painting my Orks was a really horrible battle of time management whereas this was a nice experience where I could pull the most of what I could do. I have found areas of improvement also which now serves as an incentive as opposed to the excuse of I have loads to paint - that's why its a bit shit...


  1. very nice bud, are you in Hull tomorrow? if so, do you fancy a game?

  2. not sure, I'll pm/email you tomorrow, trying to get through your giant post (, but had beer so taking time!

  3. Just came across your blog. Your first Cryx model looks good!

    I plan on getting into Warmachine as soon as the starter box comes out. I wish it was out now!

  4. That starter box is amazing, seriously, Im waiting for the Hordes one, I find it funny how they waited to announce it on GW's annual price rises!

  5. I watched Nick and a guy from York club last night (I think his name was Ray). Menoth vs Legion of Everblight, man that was a very interesting Army and put Nick under some immense pressure right from the start. Had to leave before it finished but those Everblight models were very sick.
    Privateer press have worked this out very well indeed, lots and lots of veteran players are jumping ship methinks.

  6. What's this about hordes starter set? Is there going to be a skorne one?