Monday, 27 June 2011

Started my Starter set!! (Cryx)

I decided to use my new expensive airbrush with these... big mistake! The thing keeps clogging and thats with pure AB cleaner before I put any paint through it.

So I went back to my old one and adjusted the air pressure really low and layered the grey to white. I used the Vallejjo air paints... so easy not having to mix and using the dropper bottle to use exactly how much you need.

This is the base phase, I will be glazing with really thin coats of black ink or wash - not decided yet... would get more done but the weather is gorg, so drinking beer and sunning myself! lol

(I have a delivery coming in the next couple of days, Im soo excited! uh aaar me harties...)


  1. Good to see you have started m8, I'm doing the same just cracked open my first beer and enjoying the sunshine 8)

  2. Unbelievable! Is this why you took a day off work?

    Why is the airbrush clogging? Is the pin pulling back properly? Sounds like it might not be if it's "clogging" with just AB cleaner.... Didn't get that from the cheapy 20 quider :)

    Looking good, though I'm not sure zenithial lighting as applied here will work as well with black. Have you any reference of black created with this approach?

  3. The weather is toooooooooooooo good and im on my 2nd beer!! lol

    Yeah I pulled the pin back and its coming splattery and with a really wide jet... i'll bring it in so you an have a go with it, see if its just me.

    No reference on these more a hunch. Get a good blended base and use opaque layers to get the colur and tone... may go tits up yet...

  4. Nice to see more people starting with WM. I was in the same place a while ago and also started with a Cryx starter (a metal one as only those were available then).
    I will be following your progress with keen interest :)

  5. Bring your airbrush on Saturday!