Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Another Open Letter to GW (that I happen to agree with - its not to ranty)

Im not one for these kind of things, as I think if you dont like a product or whatever just dont buy etc, etc. But whats interesting is that what he is saying fits with what I am doing without me giving it to much thought. I have bought into WM, but really I have stopped buying much wargaming stuff generally because I dont like whats happening at GW. Mainly because I really only have time to play one system really which is 40k. And lets be honest it is a great system with a cool range of products. By cut down we are probably talking alot of money (up to 4 figures if Im brutely honest) as Im just completing what I have. When I have I will just use that and build my Cryx army... Its bad for the whole market not just gw as I cant see myself building the size of armies for WM as I did with 40k. I have ruled out doing WFB completely. Anyway, I'll stop the guy on the vid says it all really.

Oh I found this vid here on trueminiwargamer


  1. Hi Mart, glad to see someone else taking up the initiative. I'm following in your footsteps to a certain extent. I will finish up my armies in time, but I wont be buying anymore GW armies simply because I cannot afford it. So I will focus more on single display figures and play with what I've got - a pity. If I do ever decide to build up another army it will be something from Mantic games, Infinity or Warmachine/Hordes.

  2. Yeah its not a hate thing.. I just dont want to spend that kind of money on stuff no matter how good it is... and I figure I have a backlog to keep me happy for a good while anyway (more tahn a year!). I do think I will buy one last thing and that is a finecost skulltaker to make my chariot more portable... £15! for one guy... oooouuuch but i guess it will be good for transporting the model around.

  3. intelligent and well thought out video that.

    i think that GW would do well to reply carefully to it as it may help their cause.

    by the way, speaking of money, if you don't collect yours by saturday at 5, it becomes mine! ;)

  4. the thing is jus budget it carefully buy stuff on ebay or buy one thing every now and again and slowly build up ur army i even sold an entire tau force so i could buy a new csm army i would have ideally liked to keep the tau but thats the way the world is unless your a spoiled rich kid one of which was me as a child but now im a dead broke adult who isnt going to blame GW for my lack of money but isnt going to play some other game system instead GW are annoying for their like it or lump it attitude but i guess ill have to like it for now :(