Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Winter is coming, time to dust off the Raven Guard!

Yello! whats poppin?

Well, I have been so distracted with Infinity that my Raven Guard have pretty much been ditched. I was looking at the pics last night and realised I had some nice Forge World stuff. Now I'm not going to lie, I watched a few 40K bat reps on Mini Wargaming last night, and, MAN, the game is SLOW, even when played at a fast pace! I hate the turn sequence, its so boring compared to the reaction based shooting in Infinity!! So the game is not drawing me in, and actually neither are the standard Marines... the models are meh compared to the magic that Corvus Belli can produce with metals. Unfortunately I'm a completionist and  I feel they are there at the back of my mind, constantly niggling me to get them done... so I think I'm going to blast on and get them shifted! I hopefully have a desert FAT mat arriving over the next week or so, so I may be able to talk someone into a game in the next month or so.

I want to try something out I saw on Beasts of  War... basically completely nicking the turn sequence off Bolt Action.You place tokens in a bag for the amount of units you have and randomly activate a unit once you have drawn it out of the bag. The units then complete the move shoot - or whatever the hell the sequences are now. I don't think it will alter the balance of the game and actually might make it more tactical. The bat reps I saw were pretty much rolling a lot of dice!! I haven't actually played since 5th ed and only tried 6th once and I found it to be totally bogged down with rules.. We shall see. 

Oh a quick tip on standard Marines, to make them look more anatomically correct use a small amount of green stuff to create a spacer for the abdomen off the legs and the same for the helmet... only needs a few mm but it takes that squashed look away... it looks better IMO...

Infinity, I'm almost fully painted and can whack paint jobs together as I need them now without to much bother. I have a Pan 0 force, but I'm going to wait until next year before I set to on that. My Combined army including the Morats can be added to and painted as and when. 

So updates soon...!


I have been digging around my cupboard and I think I have decided, Im not going to concentrate efforts in one area, instead do a little of everything. So this week im planning to get a couple of Raven Guard donw, and some Pan Oceania glued up... thats the plan...


  1. Those are some sweet raven guard models!!!

    1. Your a 40k player, are vanilla 'rines any good at the moment?

    2. They are very strong at the moment, especially as the other codex's get "re-balanced".

      The main benefit marines have, is access to the entire toolkit of imperial allies.
      Assassins, Inquisition, Knights, IG, many possibilities.

  2. Of course allies... I guess that gives me an excuse to crack out some IG big guns!.. Thanks, it'll probably be about six months in reality before I get my shit together to actually play. In that time rines will be utter garbage knowing my luck!

    1. As long as you have the mindset of playing to have fun, you will always win.

      Having just been to my first major tournament...even the guys with 0-7 scores were having a blast. It's all about your mindset!

    2. yeah im more of a model collector, but love the game tornies and warhammer world! I always end up collecting the models i like and usually end up picking an army that needs new rules!! By the time the new rules come i usually have moved on!! As long as i get a good game the win lose thing is irrelevant to me... a win is icing... but I would rather lose a close game taht white wash my opponent personally...