Thursday, 25 September 2014

Back from the Torny! Bagged Best Army :)


Sorry for the delay not posting this earlier I was waiting for the pics to come out...

Anyway had a great day in Leeds. The boards and terrain were amazing. I can safely say there wasn't one single board I would have wanted to avoid. The event was set up by the Northern Alliance (based in the UK, Leeds) but feel free to join the facebook group to talk about Infinity, even if your not based locally! Friendly bunch and a busy group!

Infinity Northern Alliance

Back to the torny, I bagged 3 wins and a loss, not bad for me. I should have worked harder to gain more objective points to place higher than mid table, but to be honest I had 3 really enjoyable games. The last game was against Morats, but I white washed them with my Anathematic and really the game didnt have any tense moments really. The other three games were great, PanO up first and I thought I was doing reasonable well until I got my core army flamed by an airdropper... just couldn't kill it with any ARO's. The next army i was against Combined and my Charontid hacker had a hacker stand off against an Anathematic. I was a touch lucky in that my Sapper knocked 2 wounds off him when he came out of camo... that probably won me my game to be honest. The third game was against Aleph and my Sapper was having another field day through a fire lane, he just couldn't miss! My Charontid hacker loving the -3 to claim objectives with the high WIP. My opponent had a ton of orders soaked up trying to claim the bloomin things!

Painting, I managed to bag best army! Really pleased and the prize were some sable Rosmery Co brushes and the ITS winners pack with sniper bounty hunter (just started painting her, will have her done next week!). I have to say, the guys made up a really cool party bag for everyone that included an awesome paint rack, cheers!

Anyway pics of the day. Guess who I am in the pics! (unless you know me, that would be pointless!)

My army...

This was a really spiffing Haq force... lovely blending (photo not quite showing it...)

Prize haul!

Some scenery highlights!

Guess me...

I'm on here as well somewhere..

A big thanks for the event guys! My good friend Chris Jarrett is setting up a torny at the end of January at our LGC Hulls Angels headed by our group Hulls Infinity... looking forward to that.

My future Infinity plans include... back to board building I have a FAT mat that should be arriving next week (used in this bat rep..) cant wait, going to build a 6x4 board to lay it on. Will give me the option to play 40k being 6x4 if that ever comes up again!

Also its Pan O next. I'm going to give this force my full painting attention, no rushing! hopefully will use that at Chris's torny end of Jan...

Again thank for looking - more updates soon!