Monday, 15 September 2014

Tournament Painting - Update 2! I'm getting tired now!


First up I apologise for the quality of photos I'm showing you.. Taken on my ipad in crappy light... I have been cramming my paint jobs in the last week... I haven't even got a pic of everything... Put it this way, I painted this weekend alone an Anathematics, Charontid, Skiavoros and an Anyat! I was up until 1am this morning finishing that... woke up this morning an remembered I choose blue for her hair colour!

The Torny is in Leeds on Saturday and has been set up by the Northern Alliance, based in Leeds (Leeds Battle Bunker). Nice group of lads should be a good day, I'll take plenty of pics. I'm looking forward to it, but I haven't tested my list. Its completely different to my Morats lists, which actually can only be a good thing! I can only do as bad... Alot of scope for improvement. Maybe I can squeak an army nomination, you never know!

I haven't completed the bases yet.. I'll do some more and better pics when that is done...

Noctifier and Spitfire... I went with the green blue as I thought it looked camo, but suited the Infinity style imo.. pretty pleased with this and all the Shasvastii I have done... I didn't love the models so much, but in the flesh they are really good. I think when you take a pic of some Infinity stuff you loose the fact its really teeny and small...

Anathematic (with this stuff its not as dark in the flesh... Ipad camera not picking up the detail...)

Skiavoros (blood and gore to be done after varnish, also I added more detail to the helmet)

Charontid (looks very dark in the mid area, but its actually red, his pose is casting a shadow my ipad cant deal with!!)

My Anyat (Miss blue hair!!)

Tonight will see me paint up the amazing Ko Dali model... tired, but am looking forward to this model, it looks ace

Back to it :(

I haven't pictured everything I have done... I reckon I'm going well though... 

Q Drone
Mid Tech
Seed soldier
Shrouded combi
Malgnos sniper
Ko Dali

2x Imetron

Even when done I have to base everything.... gah this is taking forever!!

Thanks for looking...


  1. a huge job, but you've done very well!
    good luck for the rest!