Friday, 11 April 2014

An actual game, on my blog!

Yes it's true, I'm actually gaming, not just taking ages painting black marines (Raven Guard!). Only I'm totally hooked on infinity. I just love the mechanics, and I'm just starting really to get the hang of them. A game has more ups and downs than a trampoline! I haven't actually won yet, but I feel I'm close. The models whether you put them on gothic, ww2 or any kind of scenery look really atmospheric. It's Down to the true proportions of the models, and hidey nature of the game.

Anyway I played my new gaming mate Chris tonight with his Nomads and my Morats, 300pts. I used my new TAG (see previous post!) and the mission was supply run. You basically have to collect and hold on to a choice of 3 objectives that you pick up.

To cut a long story short, both 1st turns were pretty good, my Tag took out a lot. But on the second turn I needed to take out a pesky sniper that was bedded in a good position and stopping my game plan advance. I threw everything at it, to no avail and it sucked up my orders. Chris had two objectives and by the third turn I hadn't done enough so it was pretty straight win for Chris in the end. If I could have managed to have that sniper, it would have been a thrilling end I think! (You only play three turns - but a lot happens!)

The pesky sniper!

In the end my engineer refused to pick up an objective sucking another 2.5 orders!

Not the most detailed bat reps, but hey!

On hols next week so should get some painting done....

Thanks for looking.


  1. Nice one. It looked quite complicated from a bystanders point of view but I loved the huge dice!

  2. It sounds complicated, but your essentially doing the kind of role on all the different things. It's all pretty decisive, you fail, you die in most cases! If you get into it, its not the rules so much, more with how you play the game that's tricky. You have to really aware of what your models can and can't see, you have to take horrible risks sometimes and it's knowing when.