Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I made myself an Infinity backlog!


This isn't supposed to happen in a skirmish game, but a combination of Corvus Belli releasing awesome models and the Morats lacking a few tricks in 2nd ed I have bought a lot of models. I want these clear for my long over due infinity board, and the release of Icestorm where i will be making a Pan Oceania force. I have have seem some of the updates in 3rd and they look great, but i will wait until The Beasts of War release a full 3rd es bat rep on Friday before I make comment. I think this edition is going to tidy up a lot of things and (fingers crossed) make Close Combat more viable! My Morats strengths would be blown wide open if that were the case!

This is my shame for all to see!

With a few more to add! :( Damn Corvus Belli and the HMG Suryat model - to cool not to get!!!
This is defo the last purchase for Combined Army!

I will certainly be adding some painted updates soon!!

Thanks for looking!!

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