Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Marts Clear Out! - Selling the Orks!

Edit - I meant this post as a warning that im selling my stuff if anyone is interested. I want to sell stuff seperately, but I will combine shipping on multiple items. Prices and full pics to come early next week. thanks for looking. 

Im moving this year and I am having a clear out. I have one more tourny with the Orks this weekend and then I will be selling them. I will be ebaying everything if no one is interested.

BW - standard, fully painted turrets and gunners
BW - deff rolla, fully painted turrets and gunners

3 Trukks

27 shootas inc Nob with PK and big shootas
30 Slugga choppas with PK and big shootas
30 Slugga choppas with PK and big shootas

maybe another squad of 12

Warboss with Attack squig, Big Choppa and shoota
Big Mek KFF
Big Mek KFF (COnverted)
Big Mek Shokk attack gun

5 Aobr Nobz
2x Big Choppas
2x PK
1x Combi skorcha
Pain boy - Grot orderly

3 Kanz - Grotzookas
3 Kanz - Rokit launchers
3 Kanz - Kustom Mega blasters
3 METAL Kanz - mixed armemants
1 Deff dred CCW
1 Deff dred CCW
i Metal Deff Dred - Big Shoota, Skorcha

12 Lootas
10 burna Boyz (2 meks kustom blastas)
10 Stormboyz
1 Zhagstruk (unpainted
1 box of stormboyz - opened but as new.
2x boxes of Tank bustas - some built some not

5 nob bikers
10 warbikers (inc 1 nob PK)

1 Ork Stompa - (unbuilt in box, opened but as new)

Everything is painted unless stated.

Misc (unpainted or primed)

Escher gang - I do have the plasma gun one but am ebaying her
2 bounty hunters - I think they are rare so may ebay them
Warhammer FB wizard tower

Thats all off the top of my head, more maybe added, if you see anything you like make me an offer. Ork wise, some things are painted better than others and would want around retail or a bit more for. Things like the boyz are gaming standard so open for offer. If no one wants any of it its all getting ebayed...

general stuff

Kanz ... m-tos.html ... plete.html

Would prefer to post to the UK only. Thanks.


  1. whats the going price ?

  2. Hmm, yes maybe I should have included the prices!

    Well I'm at a tourny this weekend I will take full pics and price everything early next week and place it here on the blog for a week then it can all go on ebay.

  3. I didn't think I would ever see you selling the Orks. Hope you get a good return on them.

  4. meh I'm not that attached, Id rather keep new projects going as thats were the best bits of the hobby are for me. Developing and building. I'll probably come back to Orks at some point. The dex is great, so many builds.

  5. wow cool! someones in for a treat if you manage to sell them off as one army. the walkers seem tempting though id have no real use for them other than pillaging for parts and as theyre nicely painted im sure youre not willing to sell them for cheaper than rrp. besides id hate to ruin the paint-job on them.

    also, i have my own blog now (since im guessing M1m is now gone for good...) so if youre interested in checking it out its here (ive only just started so theres nothing muchyet to look at.