Monday, 7 March 2011

More CSM Built!

OK, been a bit slow this week, we are decorating the house! :( But I managed to get this Defiler built (I still have another and debating a massive conversion mixed with the new spider model - but also debating how that will work and fit into my army).

I repositioned the leg ends to get a more dynamic pose than the standard issue one. Damn this is a nice model, and only a few more points that a dred, I prefer this!

and some more zerkers built... been really trying to make cool poses. I break and reglued the legs on this one. Sometimes I need to GS the ribbing on the legs or arms depending on pose.


  1. Defilers are very nice models. As for the spider/defiler mix, been thinking of creating a Daemon defiler using that my self just for a bit of a project. Was looking at one of the spider models mid build in my local GW the other day and it got me thinking how to put it together. If i find the time to do it i'll let you know how it goes.

  2. Yeah it would work for Daemons much better. In the end I just dont think it fits with my Khorne fluff.

    I will very much interested when you take that project on!!

  3. Ill endeavour to keep you posted on the matter.
    Might not be until after Easter when I get started, as I have a lot on.
    That and the fact that its about £70 for the models + bits and bobs. XD