Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The UK 40K GT - Review and Pics Pt II

Here are some pics of my games:

First game I got mullered by a Seer Council on bikes, I could have done better I f I timed my Ghazza Nob Charge better... lost the core of them early on  and never really recovered.

Second Game - Blood Angels, I won this one, manged to contest his objective at the end. Ghazza and his Nobz made him deploy his Death company on his objective to get them off, so he never got chance to unleash his armies potential.

3rd Game - Fateweaver daemons. I have very little experiance against this army and it was kill points. A mixture of not enough experience against this army and being out combated made for a wipeout against me! boooooo ;)

Pick me game against my bro before we hit the bar! 

More of Ricky's Ad mechs...

I apologise to Brians army as the pics I took of the amazing freehand never came out! :( But still cool Khan UM army on bikes - very scary!

1st game on the sunday - BA home and away, we got a draw but traded objectives so at least we both tried!

Then two horrible losses after - I didnt take pics as I got tired!

Next batch is the army noms!

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