Monday, 28 March 2011

The UK40K GT - Review and Pics Pt I

Well what can I say, this is one of if not the best tournaments I have attended. Why? You ask. Was it because my list performed badly all weekend? - No. Was it the fact I finished 111th? Nope, it was the company, atmosphere and the well executed organisation.

The venue itself at Maelstrom is enough to compete with Warhammer World. It may not have as much bling, but it has a really authentic feel, great bar and excellent helpful non pushy staff. The store also opened until 1am (at least I think it was 1am) when we were turfed out!  (fair enough!)

The actual scenery is better than Warhammer World itself. Maelstrom has invested more on GW scenery than GW, and its painted with much more care. Also there's some lovely steam punk terrain that is beautifully made and painted. My only crit is they have painted and flocked the boards all exactly the same, which is very well done but it would be nice to have some variation.

I preferred the food as well - the canteen food at GW is, well, canteen food and makes 130 gamers flatulent! Buffet lunch on the sat, Lancashire hotpot for the evening meal washed down with a jam roly poly. Sunday a baked potato with cheese beans... all honest food.

I also made some great new friends as well as catching up with previous friends made on the tournament scene.

I would like to thank the organisers and staff at Maelstrom for a great weekend.

The pictures below are of the friday where my bro and me started the weekend with some games and where we made friends with Ricky Simms... and lead to some good banter for the weekend. A big up to Bryan Crew for making the trip from the USA via his wife in Geneva.

The pics are from the friday

Beer and warhammer - perfick!

Friendly game against my bro:

Richard Simms awesome Admech (Genestealer dex) army - and groin...

More pics tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I think I might need to start syphoning off some of the kids tax credits for next year ;)

    On that note: How much does the weekend cost (roughly) if you don't mind such a personal question? (Not including whores.. well maybe a couple ;) )

  2. Its all about how much you can keep your wallet in your pants!

    If you were frugal, I reckon you could do the thing for just less than £100... the ticket costs £35, you would need a hotel for two nights... If you can share and get a decent price - say £40 - £60. But really about £200 for beer and that... £150 without the that...

  3. It was to bump into you - Thanks to my 40kFoM shirt ;)

    It was a great event all round :D

  4. i really need to go up to oine of these things. know ive been saying it for years. very nearly did last summer when i went up to the uk (but tight schedule didnt allow it). maybe next year....

  5. Good review mate with some great pics, I'm not into the Tournament scene (mainly cos I suck) but have some mates who are. I'll be passing this on as a good one for their calendar.

    I'd just go for the beer and to ooh and ahh at the scenery :)

  6. Yeah the beer and scenery is cool. It would have been nicer if my list behaved itself but theres always next time!!

    More pics later + the army Noms and winner...

    @MC Tic Tac, I think you must have been fairing better than me as seemed to be alot higher up the tables than me! But then a lot of people were higher than me!!

    @ Vorro and Bix yeah you should make it down it doesent matter if you suck as after the first game you get to play other players that suck as well - thanks to the swiss system!

    PS if you ever get the urge lemme know, I'll make damn sure I go to the same one!

  7. Well I got in order a Draw vs Sisters, A massacre over some Orks, a Loss vs Nids on dy 1

    But then on the 2nd day a Slapped around the lone Salamander army, and then dived boomed vs Blood Angels and then more Orks I made some really silly mistakes in those last 2 games.

    74th overall D/W/L/W/L/L